GP 225 – CERUTTI 980, 8 colors, 1320 mm, 2011

Print possibilities: 8+0, 6+2, 7+1
Drive: Electronic shaft
Trolley system: Yes
Web width (mm): 1320
Print width (mm): 1270
Print repeat range (mm): 450-920
Drying heat source: Thermal oil
Unwinder type: Shafted automatic
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm): 800
Rewinder type: Shafted automatic
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm): 800
Videocamera: AVT + AVT defect detector 100%
Register control: Eltromat
Vyscosity control: Fasnacht
Print cylinders: 433
Overall dimensions: mm 28740 x 5850 x 6160
First six sections –single dryer, Sections 7 and 8 –double dryers.
Cross bar installed after section #6, can be used after 6th or 7th section
Drive systems: ALLEN Bradley Motion & Printing units
Cooling water type: Industrial Frigo. GR 14V 607Z -C (45A 380V). Open loop.
9 trolleys