9 colors

Print width 1220 mm

Print repeat 450 – 1050 mm

Material: BOPP, OPA, PETP, ALU, Laminates, Paper



Technical data of the Heliostar 2000
width of material mm 1220
width of printing mm 1220
length of printing 450-1050 mm
Width of form cylinder mm 1280
diameter of the roles mm 1100
weight role mm max. 1300
inner diameter of the slotting shell mm 76/152
inner diameter of the winding shell mm 76/152
outer diameter of the slotting shell mm 85/175
outer diameter of the winding shell mm 85/175
the area of the slotting strip move N 25-420
the pitch area of the winding belt N 25-420
the bandwidth range benefits N 25-420
production speed max. m/min 250
mechanical speed of the machine max 300 m/min
The production speed depends on specific printing factors
Swap speed max m/min 250

Processing materials
BOPP µm 12-70
OPA µm >25
PETP µm 10-30
POPP µm 12-70
Aluminum µm 7-50
Laminates µm 150
Paper g/m2 25-120

Number of colors 9
Drive electronic
Register control – ELTROMAT

Additional notes
 18 trolleys
 automatic viscosimeters
 7 ESA units
 reverse turn bar from 4 to 9
 extra camera – defect control- BST GENIUS
 Separately 9. unit for cold seal – only unit 9 for cold seal
 special cold seal camera
Drive: electronic shaft
Drying: Thermal oil, source heat exchangers
Un / Rewinder shaftless automatic, max. Reel diam. 1000 mm
Viscosity control: automatic, OPTI COLOR
SOFTAL Corona treatment
Direct drive machine with electric motor for each unit
Year 2002

Machine is in very good condition and can be shown in operation