FP 884 – FISCHER & KRECKE 16 S, 8 colors, 1450 mm

Year: 2001
Number of colors: 8
Print possibilityes: 8+0
Gearless: Yes
Fast sleeve change: Yes
4 motor per deck CNC position system: Yes
Computer supervision: Yes
Web width (mm): 1520
Print width (mm): 1450
Min print repeat (mm): 320
Max print repeat (mm): 800
Unwinder type: Turret Automatic
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm): 1000
Rewinder type: Turret Automatic
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm): 1000
Drying: 2 zones, 4 fans , 2 gas burners
Videocamera: YES ELTROMAT
Web guides: Yes in and out
Vyscosity control: Yes
Washing system: Yes included
Inking system: Closed chamber Doctor blades
Additional informations: Insetting register control for reprint
In line slitting device at rewinder