FP 230 – COMEXI FP 2108, 8C, 1220 mm

Model FP 2108 CNC GL
Year 2003
Number of colors 8
Print possibilities 8+0
Fast sleeve change
4 motor per deck CNC position system
Computer supervision
Web width (mm) 1270
Print width (mm) 1220
Min print repeat (mm) 350
Max print repeat (mm) 700
Unwinder type Shaftless Turret
Max reel diameter unwinder (mm) 1000
Rewinder type Shaftless turret
Max reel diameter rewinder (mm) 1000
Drying 2 zones , 4 fans , 55 mt tunnel, electric heaters
Videocamera AVT Prelude
Corona treatment AFS
Web guides BST OPG before print section and before rewinder
Viscosity control Yes INELME
Washing system included
Inking system Closed chamber doctor blades
Anilox 20 ceramic anilox sleeves
Print Sleeves 350 print sleeves
Re print system Chiller thermo regulation for CI drum